About the firm

We work to protect people’s freedom of movement and assets and to ensure companies run smoothly. We work very quickly based on our decades of experience and the best law.

We specialize in major police operations. These operations, which are becoming more and more common and are almost always high-profile, invariably involve great risks and threats. Within this scenario, we know that every second counts when our clients’ freedom and assets are at stake.

We have been successful in some of the most complex and notable criminal cases in Brazil’s recent history and we have influenced the courts’ criminal case law. Several of these processes, in defense of large companies, executives, parliamentarians and other clients, served as precedents for creating summaries and became leading cases in the Superior Court of Appeals and the Brazilian Supreme Court. See a few of them here.

We have developed a culture impacted by the 60 years of law practiced by our founder, Fernando Tristão Fernandes, who has always been admired for his combination of creativity and innovation in solving cases and his unconditional loyalty to the client.

Our activities includes defense in criminal proceedings of an administrative nature, such as police inquiries and criminal proceedings in all instances of the judiciary system.

We are headquartered in the city of São Paulo, with units and teams in Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, serving clients throughout Brazil. We work with Tristão Fernandes Advogados to meet the needs of our clients in the Civil and Labor law areas.

Our expertise has been built over the years, always with the best results for our clients in mind

The firm is well known for its role in defending the interests of its clients in the field of criminal proceedings involving corporate and property crimes against the financial system, Public Administration and all areas of criminal law practice.

We operate at all levels, from one-off investigations to major national and international operations. We are prepared to provide the best defense for our clients through active and front-line operations.

Our team has the know-how and experience to get the best outcome for our clients and is familiar with the many intricacies of Brazilian tax and financial law.

We handle all claims involving accusations against companies and their administrators, the defense of executives against undue claims filed by public officials, in addition to the defense of public agents involved in criminal proceedings.

Environmental offenses are the only type of crime that allow direct liability of legal entities and the implicated individuals. This peculiarity is what makes them particularly dangerous for companies.

Money laundering accusations have been on the rise. With the uncertainty surrounding what type of conduct is considered a crime, countless businesses have become a target, which can be devastating for the corporate image.

The modern area of criminal compliance has become essential in helping companies develop mechanisms to prevent illegal conduct, which may put the freedom of their officers and the company at risk.

We have professionals in our staff who are highly trained in defense before a Jury Court and we also have expertise as prosecution assistants.

We handle matters relating to the management of assets that have been seized in criminal proceedings to ensure the assets and their value are preserved during the course of the process and we work towards clearing the seized assets and unfreezing accounts.

In Medical Law, we provide the best defense for accusations that target health professionals. In addition to expert defense, we act preventively by identifying criminal risk.

We defend and file police investigations and criminal actions to safeguard the rights and interests of our clients in claims that involve property crimes, traffic accidents, intellectual property issues, injuries to physical or mental health and crimes against honor.

We work alongside companies and individuals facing critical situations that impact the criminal field, combining a multidisciplinary work vision, business management needs and press relations assistance.

We conduct internal investigations with a focus on clarifying corporate crimes committed against legal entities, highlighting improper practices carried out by employees and helping improve controls established in the compliance program.