São Paulo

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The office in São Paulo occupies the 14th floor of a building next to the MASP, located two blocks from the Federal Regional Court, which is the appeal court for the states of São Paulo and MatoGrosso do Sul.

The office design is similar to that of the Rio de Janeiro head office. Both are technologically integrated with dedicated Internet cables linking the telephone and computer networks. The well-equipped library enables in-depth study of any aspects of criminal law and procedure, with full access to sources of jurisprudence of the Brazilian court system.

The office installations afford an ideal environment for the intellectual work of the lawyers, while permitting confidential attendance of clients with maximum discretion.

The artwork on display in the office conveys the ethos of Fernando Fernandes Advogados. At the entrance, there is a painting of Largo de São Francisco, which pays homage to the city itself and to the legal profession in the city of São Paulo, as well as the tradition which is also imbued in this law practice.

On the wall opposite the painting of Largo de São Francisco, where is located the Faculdade de Direito of Universidade de São Paulo,  there is an another painting which depicts Faculdade de Recife, founded in the same year symbolizing the intellectual conflict of a university which prides itself in forming open-minded individuals, personified by Tobias Barreto. Both works are by the São Paulo-based artist, Marangoni, who sought to pay homage to Tristão Fernandes in the latter work.

The painting Velando las armas by Argentinian artist Gustavo Ortiz, places Dom Quixote squarely in the meeting room. This character that revolutionized literature, has close links with criminal law practice, as he is always pursuing his dreams and on a quest for freedom.