Rio de janeiro

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FERNANDO FERNANDES ADVOGADOS has its main offices in Rio de Janeiro in a strategic location in the business center of the city, opposite the State Legislature building and very close to the State Court of Justice and the Federal Regional Court, in a building named after the famous legal expert, Cândido Mendes.

The 400-square-meter office features modern architectural design and is both welcoming and functional, ensuring the client confidentiality and discretion that are essential prerequisites of a criminal law practice.

The office library boasts a sizeable collection of doctrine and jurisprudence related to Brazilian Courts, which is compatible with the importance of the day-to-day business of a law practice. It is a dynamic library that is enhanced with monthly acquisitions of legal classics and new additions in the office’s spheres of activity.

A safe location for the storage of documents was created and investments made in communication equipment permit a swift exchange of information within and outside the office under any conditions. This ensures rapid access to court decisions as well as research into jurisprudence, the submission of petitions and contacts with correspondents and representatives in other states.

The working environment within the office directly reflects the temperament of Fernando Tristão Fernandes. It is a pleasant and friendly environment in which personal relationships are informal though without ever overstepping the bounds of professional mutual respect. The office director participates actively in all important decisions and monitors all lawsuits closely.